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Terms And Conditions: The Easy Guide For Baby Activity Providers

Not sure what to add to your terms and conditions?

When it comes to running your own business, it’s key to make sure that you have clear policies, procedures and practices. Keep it water-tight, and you’ll be better prepared (or avoiding altogether!) for misunderstandings and problems. Right from the start, families and group leaders can be made aware of expectations and responsibilities.

To help avoid confusion and ambiguity, it is a good idea to have written guidelines and procedures that give a clear outline of what is acceptable and appropriate. These can often be produced in partnership with the families themselves to reflect the needs of your community and the uniqueness of the group.

While these will differ from group to group, there are some key areas to consider. We’re joined by Alison Heseltine, an Early Years Development Manager from Early Years Alliance, to help offer some guidance for you! We hope they help.



Building A Safe Environment

To create a safe, inclusive environment for families where no individuals or groups face discrimination or harassment, an equality and diversity statement/policy is a simple written agreement that shares how you and the families that attend your group are committed to achieving this.

The statement can also outline the steps that will be taken if someone is treated unfairly or with disrespect. It should also make it clear that violence, threatening behaviour, harassment and abuse are unacceptable and will be not tolerated.

Safeguarding – Terms And Conditions

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. All adults should be alert to any concerns about the safety and welfare of a child in the home environment or elsewhere.

Groups should have a safeguarding statement/policy that clearly outlines the actions that will be taken when there are concerns about a child or if an allegation is made regarding a group leader, volunteer, or member of staff.

Managing Admissions

To ensure a fair and consistent approach, an admissions statement/policy can clearly explain how waiting lists are managed and if your sessions are overbooked, what will happen next.

Supporting Behaviour – Children And Adults

Baby and toddler groups are a great experience for families. But there can be issues about the behaviour of either adults or children during the session.

Having a behaviour statement/policy in place can offer guidance to ensure that situations can be diffused and dealt with in a consistent and supportive way that provides positive role models, reassurance, and positive encouragement.

Hygiene In Your Terms And Conditions

A hygiene statement/policy will cover areas such as nappy changing and the procedures to follow regarding dirty nappies. For example, using the bins provided or taking them home, and what to do if a child or adult is poorly at the session to minimise the risk of infection. It would also include food safety requirements when preparing drinks and snacks.

Health And Safety

This statement/policy states that the health and safety of the group is everyone’s responsibility. It covers areas such as the importance of signing in and out, what to do in the event of a fire, keeping doors/gates closed or locked, toy safety, accident recording, hot drinks, first aid, and children not being left unattended.

The policy or statement should provide clarification about the expectations of families to help keep everyone safe.



Payment For Sessions

If there is a charge for your sessions, it is vital to make the payment arrangements and expectations clear to families from the start to avoid future issues.

Social Media

Many groups use social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp to keep in touch with families or share updates. It’s important that everyone is aware and understands your guidelines around appropriate posts and content and any restrictions regarding sharing details and information.

It’s also important to always make it clear to families that attend your group that parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times.

For more information, advice and support, visit the Early Years Alliance website.    



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