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Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Baby And Toddler Group? – Early Years Alliance

Why do you need to take out insurance for your baby and toddler group? And what kind of insurance do you need to consider for it?

Legal documentation can be an intimidating subject for small businesses. That’s exactly why we’ve reached out to an expert to help us cover the subject. We’re joined by Alison Heseltine, Early Years Development Manager for the Early Years Alliance.

The Early Years Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England, support baby and toddler group, nurseries, pre-schools and childminders across the country.

Read on to find out what they advise:


Comprehensive Insurance Cover Is Essential For All Baby And Toddler Groups

In even the best-run groups, accidents can happen and problems can arise. You would need insurance to protect your group if, for example, a volunteer or a child/adult attending the group is hurt. Or if their property was damaged and they make a claim against you.

Whether your group is covered by an umbrella body/venue insurance or takes out its own policy, it is essential that the amount of cover is sufficient to meet any claims that may be made.

As a minimum, this should always include public liability and employers’ liability cover. This is for any staff or volunteers working at the group. If you believe that you are covered by the venue or an umbrella body insurance (for example, a church-based group) then do check this carefully to be certain and request a copy.


Insurance for your baby and toddler group - image shows a puzzle piece saying 'insurance' being fir into a puzzle


Public Liability:

This is cover for injury to or illness of a child or visitor, or damage to their property if the group is legally responsible.

This insurance would not only potentially cover the compensation claim, but also the associated legal fees. In addition, public liability insurance would potentially cover damage to any rented venues that your group uses.


Employers’ Liability:

This is a requirement if you employ staff or have volunteers. It covers injuries or illnesses suffered during their employment with you if your group is lawfully responsible.

A minimum cover of £5 million is legally required. Any additional amount over this is a decision to be made by your group dependent on your needs. Even though it is called employers’ liability insurance, it is important to note that you still have the same duty of care for volunteers as you would for paid employees.

In addition, you may opt to take out further insurance. Such as cover for loss or damage to equipment, trustee indemnity insurance, cover for special events or loss of money held by the group.


What Do You Need To Consider When Taking Out Insurance for your baby and toddler group?

When taking out insurance, it’s important to ensure that the cover meets your needs. What is right for one group may not be right for another.

There are often specific clauses and requirements associated with different types of cover and the easiest way to check is to talk to your insurance provider and discuss any policy limitations. 

There may, for example, be a limit on the ages of the children present. Or that they must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. It is also key that whichever provider you choose to use is listed on the FCA (Financial Services Register) or British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) register.

Whichever insurance cover you decide best meets your needs, the most effective way of reducing the risk of a claim to the group is taking a proactive approach to your risk management. This could mean, for example, putting in place effective training and supervision for staff and volunteers, carrying out regular risk assessments and involving families in ensuring the safety of everyone who attends the group.      


Insurance for your baby and toddler group: image shows a man and woman looking through some legal documentation


The Early Years Alliance in partnership with Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA) is one of several providers of specialist insurance for baby and toddler-style groups.  

Choosing Alliance insurance gives you the peace of mind in the knowledge that your business is protected. The Alliance provides you with the information for you make an informed choice, which enables us to provide insurance at competitive rates. 

Visit Alliance insurance for more support here  


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