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Humble Beginnings

From tiny acorns

Having created Happity from our kitchen tables during stolen naptimes, we’re proud to have grown into the UK’s leading platform dedicated to parent & child classes.

Join us, and over 3,000 other class providers like you, in our shared mission to end loneliness for new parents.


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130K UNIQUE USERS per month


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recommended by NHS workers to new parents

Here’s what our customers say…

We find a lot of new and regular clients through Happity so we absolutely love it! It reaches a lot of people that we wouldn’t normally reach. 


Mini Mozart

As a super overwhelmed service provider, they take away all the stress of all my bookings. Anyone with a small biz relating to bubbas/toddlers should use the wonderful Happity!


Little Folk Nursery Rhymes

Joining Happity has been the best thing I’ve done this year. Working with a team that actually CARE about your business is amazing. 


Story Makers Kids

What makes Happity different from other platforms?

If you run a baby or toddler class (or a prenatal/antenatal group), then Happity is the ideal place to list your classes. We are the UK’s leading platform for finding and booking parent & child classes. Dedicated entirely to the under-5s sector, we’ve catered everything we do specifically for you and your target market. Parents discovering your classes on Happity are exactly the right customers for you

Free registration means you can list your classes, use our SEO to get in front of new parents and become part of a leading platform. All in an incredibly cost-efficient way!

Why is there a free listing option?

Our goal from day one with Happity has been to help parents connect with other parents through a strong variety of classes. We aim to be able to list all classes, regardless of their budget. From those that are just starting out, to franchises that have been going for years. As well as community-run classes (such as church groups) and charity-run organizations.

Social impact is at the heart of what we do, and for exactly that reason we want Happity to be accessible to all. It is important to us that all classes have an opportunity to make that crucial impact on a parent or guardian’s routine.

Do I have to pay for it after a trial period?

We like to hope that after using Happity for a while, you will want to give our paid membership a go. At only £37.50 + VAT a year (which works out as less than £1 a week),  membership is incredible and includes a huge amount of marketing support and know-how to help get your classes seen by the 130k unique users per month who use Happity. You’ll also have the added benefit of having your classes shared on the Arts Council funded site, “Fantastic For Families”, which posts fantastic things for people to do with their families. We’ll increase the viewership of your classes across both platforms.

But, whilst we know that full membership is the most effective route for most activity providers, we do not force those who list with us to sign up to a membership if they don’t want to. And we will not take away your free account after a set period of time.

You won’t stumble across surprise fees or charges later down the line.

What other questions do people frequently ask us?

How easy is it to post an activity?

We aim to keep our system straightforward and accessible for all -even those of us who are slightly less tech-savvy. We are always driving to make user-experience the best that we can offer. You can find out more about how to post an activity through the button below.

If you find yourself struggling to figure out our system – don’t panic! Our Customer Happiness team is happy to jump onto a zoom call with our members and do a guided tutorial of our system with you.

My group is a CIC, are there any additional benefits?

If your classes are with a registered charity, then here’s the great news: you can receive all the benefits of a Happity membership for free!

The only features you will need to pay for are promoted listings and booking fees, if you choose to use them. Get in touch with us to find out all about our Social Good scheme.

I have multiple businesses, do I need to create multiple accounts?

In order to make sure that each of your businesses are listed separately, you will need to make multiple accounts. This is simply to ensure that the businesses aren’t struggling to fight for space on one page and that you can keep them completely separate from one another.

I don’t have enough time to do the admin!

Too busy to do the admin yourself? No problem! If you haven’t signed up to Happity before, then you can make the most of our Free Virtual Admin Service. This is a service that our members usually pay £18 (+VAT) for, but to get you up and running we’re willing to do it for free. Simply send us your timetable and class details, and we’ll do the admin for you. Our team is more than happy to do it for you complimentary when you join! Sign up and we’ll get started on it as soon as we receive your registration.

Not sure if you are eligible? Get in touch below to check.

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