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Taking bookings online is the best way to get the most value out of your listing, and capture the interest of the thousands of families who browse our site each week. Bookings on Happity are designed for busy parents, and take just a few taps.

Membership costs £60* for the whole year.

That’s only £5 per month. We charge a small 2.5%* commission on each booking.

We know you didn’t open your business to spend time tracking payments, fiddling with online portals and dealing with paperwork. Cost-effective and easy to use: our booking system is here to help.

*Prices exclude VAT. Stripe fee applies to each booking.

What do you get?

Super-fast payments

Busy parents can find and book your classes in just a few taps.

Capture more interest

Avoid drop-off between someone finding your class and actually coming along.

Simplify your admin

With bookings, payments and registers all in one place.

Customise your tickets

With blocks, terms, drop-ins and sibling discounts, you'll find everything you need to support your unique business.

Run pre-sales

Reward your loyal families and fill classes before terms even begins.

Get Instagram shout-outs

Tag us on your stories with a booking link and we'll re-share to our 20k+ followers.

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