Take all the hassle out of admin with Happity Bookings

Once you become a member you can use our booking system, at no extra cost.

Designed with class providers in mind, we’ve worked hand in hand with our members to create a bespoke bookings platform that gives almost everyone exactly what they need, without any added complications.

Membership (including access to our booking system) costs just £37.50 per year + VAT.

That’s less than £1 a week.

We charge only 2.5% + VAT commission on bookings AND save money with our competitive rate of commission and first £500 of bookings commission free (to use within 3 months).

Terms and conditions apply

We know you didn’t open your business to spend time tracking payments, fiddling with online portals and dealing with paperwork. Cost-effective, easy to use, and takes all the hassle out of your admin: our booking system is here to help.

What do you get?

Create simplicity and ease for your audience

Allow parents to book your classes at the click of a button.

Keep the path to bookings straight-forward

Using our BOOK NOW button ensures parents aren’t sent to multiple sites, and makes them much more likely to book.

Quickly see who’s attending your classes

View all your class registers in your dashboard.

Keep communications tight

Easily contact customers who have booked in a class with our one click option.

Social media shout outs

Tag us on your stories and we’ll try to share to our Facebook and Instagram stories.

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