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5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Happity Listing

How can you improve your Happity listing after the holidays?

If you’ve been left with the feeling that you’re forgetting something, or that you need to do something for your business before you take that lovely breezy break, then maybe it’s to do with your Happity listing, and setting up a September schedule. 

Whether you want to add a whole new schedule, or you just want to do a couple of quick checks to make sure it’s looking good, here’s our list of things we consider to be worth your time for the holidays. 

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1. Make it clear to your customers when you’re coming back after the break

You want to make sure that once you know your schedule, and you know that crucial start date, that you let your regular customers know through every avenue possible. Through your mailing list, social media, your website: If it feels like you’ve posted it everywhere, then you’re probably still missing one or two places.

Also, if you regularly share a reminder on your social media when you’re starting your classes (along with that all important booking link), then you’re even more likely to catch your customers when they’re thinking about signing up for your activity. 

2. Add your term schedules in advance so users can find your listing on Happity during the break

You may have only just finished running your classes, but parents do like to book up your next term of classes that far in advance! Be sure to add your next term to your Happity listing. 

And, if you’re on there in advance, you’re even more likely to be popping up in new customers searches. Get ahead of the curve, and make sure your activity is readily available before the crowd.

3. Run Happity Pre-sales

If you use the Happity booking system, then this is a great perk for school holidays and end-of-term exclusives. And, the end-result leaves you with higher odds of getting bookings weeks (even months) in advance before your terms start.

For members only, you have the ability to create a marketing buzz around your classes and hold a pre-sale before you open a new term up to the general public.

This is a perfect way to reward loyalty amongst your existing customers, build your mailing list, and maximise sales for your classes.

This will allow the bulk of your classes to be sold in advance and help save on your transaction fees – it helps give you some financial security for your term, and means you’ve only got to worry about filling a smaller number of ad-hoc spaces as the weeks progress. It also means your early customers get your classes at the best available price.

Find out more about how you can pre-sell your tickets to your customers here

Or, you can find out a bit more about our Happity booking system here

4. Do a double check to make sure all your details are correct

Not sure when you last checked your business details on your listing? If you can’t remember the last time you took a quick glance over your business details, then it’s worth your time to check that all of your details are still correct. 

Whilst it may feel like you are running the same sort of classes every day, it’s surprising how quickly class details can change. Avoid confusion, and offer the most concise information for your customers by doing a quick check now. 

Login and check your details now

Want to know the best way to write copy for your Happity listing this term? We have an article with the best tips here

5. Use the extra time in your break to do some research and give a little TLC to your biz

If you’re taking a full break from your business, and you’re not intending to run any sessions, then the one thing that you should spend your time doing for your business is a bit of admin, a cleanup, and some old-fashioned marketing. We’d recommend doing some of the following:

  • Offline marketing, attend events where you can promote your business, and some good old-fashioned leafleting (sharing them on supermarket noticeboards)
  • Updating your details on any and every site where your business is listed (including Happity) 
  • Do a Social Media clean-up, giving your descriptions a check and taking the time to look into what of your previous posts have received the most love. Taking the time to look into your insights could help you figure out what content works, and what doesn’t.

Happity Listing this Summer - image shows a mother happily holding her baby in an outdoor setting.

Happity: Created with baby class providers in mind!

If you are looking for ease and a listing/booking service that’s catered specifically to you (busy parents and small business owners) then you’ve found the right blog page.

It’s free to list with Happity, and you can offer all sorts of ticket options through our site. Though we also offer cost-effective membership for when your baby class needs an extra boost in its marketing or if you would like access to our provider-catered booking system.

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