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The Beginners Guide: Writing Efficient Copy For Your Baby Classes

Do you know the best forms of copywriting for your class listing?

As a baby class provider, you want to make sure that the copy in your class listing stands out from the rest. And you want to make sure that what you do write will help parents to find you! 

The copy and content that you use on your listing must have the relevant info and be engaging enough to convince potential customers to sign up for your classes. We’ve written a few tips to help you figure out what your copy should look like, and provide you with a few tips to help your class listing stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Copywriting for a class listing: image shows baby looking at a computer as if doing very important work,

Understand Your Audience

The first step in writing effective copy and content is to know your audience. And for you, the audience is parents and carers. (And babies/toddlers, but we doubt they’re the ones scrolling through booking sites like Happity!) You need to understand the needs, wants, and interests of parents who are looking for baby classes. When writing your descriptions, try thinking about what you would be looking for in a class if you were searching as a parent. This will help you create content that speaks directly to them and addresses their pain points.

Make Sure You Write Your Descriptions In The Right Places

On Happity, there’s multiple places for you to add descriptions of you and your classes. Here’s a reminder of what to put where:

  • Add a short snappy summary of your class in the short tag line description – this is your “elevator pitch” so to speak. Try to summarise what you do in 3-5 words
  •  Your organisation description is just about what you stand for – your aims, mission and broad audience. You could add the area you cover here too. Don’t confuse this with everything you do in your classes, this is more of an overview of you and your activity. We recommend aiming for 300 words. 
  • Put more detail in the long class/activity description – you might want to include the sort of activities attendees will do, who specifically this class might appeal to and highlight what makes your class different to others. There is a lot of space here but don’t feel the need to use up every character – you want people to read it all not get lost half way through! We recommend aiming for 300 words. 

Keep It Informative, Simple And Concise

When it comes to copywriting for your baby class listing, less is often more. Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs concise. Use simple language and avoid using jargon or technical terms that may confuse or alienate your target audience. 

Keep in mind, there’s a difference between using overcomplicated language, and keywords that will help to engage your audience. Finding that line can take time and consideration. The best way to make sure that you’re using the right tone is to approach your sentences like you’re writing to another human. You wouldn’t avoid and oversimplify keywords like ‘hypnobirthing’ if it’s relevant to your activity, but you might avoid overcomplicated language that you would use when writing an essay. Keep your tone approachable and friendly.

Add Keywords (But Avoid Stuffing!)

What keywords are relevant to your activity? Examples of a few keywords relevant to you as a class provider include: ‘Mums’, ‘Dads’, ‘Toddlers’,  ‘Baby Massage’, ‘STEM’, ‘Sensory’ etc. Try to think about what your audience would start typing into their search engine when they want to look for your class. What words would you use to find your class (without using your class name)?

Scream To The Rooftops About The Benefits Of Your Classes

Parents are always looking for ways to help their babies develop and grow. Your baby class listing should highlight the benefits of attending your classes. Focus on the skills and milestones that babies will achieve by participating in your classes, such as improved motor skills, cognitive development, and socialization. How will your activity benefit the baby, toddler, or parent? 

Think About The copy On Your Images

Images can be a powerful tool in attracting attention and conveying information. Often using infographics to convey the key information is much more effective than a block of copy. 

With a Happity paid membership, you can include photo of your classes, as well as images of babies and parents enjoying your classes. You can also link up your Facebook feed, meaning that every time you give an update to your followers, you’ll immediately be sharing them with potential future customers too. This will help give a better sense of what your classes are like and what they can expect from them.

Find out more about Happity Membership here

Mention How You’ve Covered Parents’ Basic Needs At Your Venue

This doesn’t need to be anything that takes up a loads of space, but parents like to know that your activity has got all the basics, or to be warned if there are any limitations. What is the parking at the venue like? Are there baby changing facilities? What’s the easiest way to get to your venue? Are there any directions that would be handy to know? Is your venue wheelchair/pushchair accessible? 

Create a sense of urgency when copywriting for your listing

Creating a sense of urgency can be an effective way to encourage potential customers to take action. This might take a bit more regular maintenance in your listing, but it’s an effective way of keeping your listing relevant and creating a bit of FOMO. Use phrases like “limited spots available” or “enroll now to secure your spot”. And if you have a limited themed or seasonal class, then they are always a lot quicker to go. Add in a line saying “Only one week left to book your place!”. 

Add categories to to get seen by more relevant parents

When listing your activity with Happity, you have the option to add categories to your classes. Whilst this may not involve copywriting exactly, it is still a crucial way to make sure that your listing is being seen by your audience. You can find a list of all the categories we list on Happity here, but here’s the rule of thumb to make sure that you’re using our category pages efficiently and effectively: 

  • Make sure you have at least one category tag for each activity – You can select up to 5 categories on Happity
  • Think about what you’d expect parents to search for when they look for your classes – Pick the categories that are most relevant to you, 
  • Choose the most relevant tags so parents who are interested in your activities are more likely to find you 

We inform our providers who are subscribed to our marketing when a category is being particularly featured and recommended to parents too, so that they can be in the know too.

Sign up for a free Happity account here

Don’t forget your spelling and grammar checks! Proof your hard work.

Sounds obvious? We know, but it’s a reminder that even the most experienced copywriters need to hear now and then. When we’re in a rush (which so many of us are!) these checks can be swept under the rug. So here’s a few reminders on proofing that help us get by:

  • Use capitalisation on names and start each description with a capital letter.
  • If you are using a spellchecker to proof your work, make sure that your settings are to English (UK), not English (US).
  • Check for repetition of the same word being used in the same sentence/paragraph. 
  • Make your sentences are short and sweet where you can. If you have lots of complex sentences, try making some into simple sentences. The variety of both is key! 
  • Take a break after you’ve finished writing. Keep the tab open, walk away for a couple of hours (or even a day) and approach it with a fresh head.
  • In our experience (and this is being written by Happity’s blog writer), when you have been staring at a block of text for a long period of time, there’s obvious mistakes that become invisible to you. And that’s after any length of time has passed. Ask a loved one or a friend to give it a quick proof for you. Two pairs of eyes are better than one!

Happity: Created with baby class providers in mind!

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