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Well, you’re at the point of having created your account and are logging in for the first time. You’ve gathered together your class details, your timetable, and made yourself a cup of tea. 

It’s officially time to post your activity. But, what’s included with your account? Here are all the features that you can use when adding your listing!

Creating an account

Listing your class is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Watch those gaps in your classes fill up in no time! 

Create a new activity

Do you run multiple activities in your business? There’s no set limit to the amount of activities you can list for your business. All you need to be able to add them is an age range, description, and a couple of appropriate tags so that more parents can find you on our site.

Add dates & times

We offer a few different schedule types for those who list with us: ‘Term time only’, ‘All year’, ‘Runs during holidays’, ‘Fixed course dates’ and ‘Event’. All of these allow single and block tickets, however ‘Term time only’ offers its own ticket option in which customers can purchase a ticket for the rest of the classes in your term (whether this is at the beginning of the term or mid-term!).

List an online activity

If your activity is hosted online, we’re happy to help you list it! When we were forced into our first lockdown back in 2020, we were quick to act and found an alternative way to support providers to run their classes remotely. And, even though classes have been allowed to return to being in-person for a while now, we’re more than happy to list any online classes you have. 

However, in order to make your online classes appear actively in our searches, you will need to use our booking platform. This helps us ensure our Happity visitors are assured a safe and positive online experience.

You are still welcome to list your online class with us for free if you do not require membership, but you might find that your classes don’t appear in as many searches with this method. 

You can find out more information about listing your classes online through the link below.

Pick from a range of ticket types

Many of our providers often have deals & special offers for bulk bookings, sibling discounts or simply prefer to sell tickets for their classes in blocks. We do what we can to accommodate each individual class provider. 

As well as the above, we offer a default single-session ticket, as well as a term-ticket, which you can use if you enter your dates & times as a “Term Time Only” schedule type. This means that customers can purchase a ticket at any point before or during your term and only be charged for the set number of dates left following their booking -creating ease for both yourself and your customers!

Feel free to change how many tickets you have available for each individual class. If you aren’t using us as a booking platform however, be sure to check up on it every so often and ensure the information you are providing is correct!

Additional  information

After adding your class times and dates, you will find extra space where you can leave additional information about your class. Whether this is to warn parents about limited parking, telling them how to find your room, or even giving a friendly introduction to the class teacher. It’s a great idea to make good use of this space and let potential parents get to know you a little better!


Benefits of a Happity membership

All of the above is accessible and available to you with a free membership. We are happy to give you all the necessities.

But, if you want to take your listings to the next level, we offer a great selection of tools to help give your classes that extra little nudge. This includes promoted listings (boosting your classes to the top of everyone’s searches), ability to share your social feed on your page, access to our easy-to-use booking system, an UNLIMITED amount of enquiries from customers via a direct contact form on all your classes, and more!

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